Data and Analytics

Data Architecture

“Big Data” is the newest buzz phrase in the industry for a problem that has long existed within many organizations. How do you effectively and efficiently store and mine data across your organization to help you make the most informed business decisions possible? We are helping clients design their big data solutions that achieve revenue maximization and increase operational efficiency.


Understanding data via a simplified dashboard will continue to be imperative for every organization. The business need can range from how to visualize and understand your online customer trends to optimizing your supply chain. We build dashboard solutions for clients utilizing SharePoint, custom .NET or PHP or by utilizing an enterprise-class tool such as Tableau.

AWS and Azure

Cloud services can provide a broad range of tools to help you build and deploy Big Data analytics applications quickly and easily. With fast access to flexible and low-cost IT resources, you can rapidly scale virtually any big data application including data warehousing, clickstream analytics and internet of things (IOT) processing. We support solutions utilizing Microsoft Azure and/or Amazon Web Services.

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